Prof. Padmini V (CA)

Dreams make our sleep memorable, and they keep us active during the day too. Everyone has a dream to fulfil. Some are born with a silver spoon whereas others need to carve an identity for themselves.

From birth, irrespective of religion, we are exposed to prayers. As a child, we didn't question that practice, but as we grow up, the hormones surge to challenge our belief system.

What’s a prayer? One closes one’s eyes for a few ethereal moments invoking the supreme power. One can talk, touch, argue and complain. The prayer is a manifestation of dreams and achievements.

<aside> ☝🏽 Do prayers come true? This is the one of most asked questions.


The subconscious mind needs a trigger for awakening. It can be set on the pursuit of rekindling this impulse. Successful people have a very strong sense of activating their subconscious mind, which lets them fulfil their dream and desires.

“Dream shall give you palaces or horses

They can give you chocolate boxes

The power to render them fulfilled rests on convictions and challenges. “

The mere fact that anyone can become a superstar or the richest person on earth in a lifetime while others stand only to applaud their achievements gets one thinking about the thin line between the two. It’s nothing but the power of prayers that gives wings to the mind to align all the powers in the universe to act and receive the orders from the person praying.

Prayer is a tool to align the mighty powers in the world to work for the fulfilment of one’s dreams.

A Prayer gives hopes.

Prayers give a key to a lock.

Prayers get our soul enlightened.

Prayers remove the heaviest rock

Pray on the big dream, and it will be a reality.