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1. What is PopSpec?

PopSpec stands for “Popular Speculative Art”. It means art that playfully mixes any popular culture + speculative art (or thought experiments - common in conceptual art). on Instagram: "Dr. Strange and Wong attend Thomas Hirshhorn's impassioned defense of art and culture in the New S.A. Betterverse as featured on Notflix."

2. Why Art Game?

  1. Art is honest play. It is not that serious. People without experience take it seriously; people with experience don’t take it seriously. And everyone is always pretending! Feel free to pretend.
  2. Art is social. It is not something you do alone. It is always better with people. The same Golden Rule of kindness and karma apply to art, just like outside of art.
  3. If you are human, creative, poetic, imaginative interactions is 100x more important than making perfect but boring objects or ideas. Perfect ideas and objects are for machines!
  4. That is why we will use cheap, accessible material, quickly, and focus 90% on making funny, interesting, weird, unimaginable small things quickly, rather than making a huge hard thing.
  5. Do what you like, don’t do what you don’t like! Don’t stress!

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3. Where are We?

We are on an artificial planet in a parallel reality called the postworkverse, pretty much the same as ours. It has a planetary post-work society.

Wiki link for information on a post-work society (if you want to know more):

Post-work society - Wikipedia


4. Who are We?