This article is a deeper dive into our plastic production, consumption and waste management problem and how it’s destroying our planet.

I am revolted, disgusted, disturbed and hurt.

I see a disease spreading across our planet and it’s shaken me to my core, plastic pollution is slowly killing our Earth.

I am a huge documentary nerd and it seems like every time I watch a really good documentary my life changes and it did.

I watched The Plastic Pollution (a great documentary I recommend everyone watch) one night from the comfort of my home and suddenly all I could think about was plastics.

I am going to be writing on this topic a lot more but in this article I want to give an introduction to this multi-faceted problem and share my frustration with people on the internet.

I hate seeing our beautiful planet degrade and so much unnecessary suffering for humans and animals.

Our Dependency on Plastics

I was taking a normal walk outside but this time I tried something different, I played a mini game of iSpy with myself to find as many plastic things as I could.

After about 5 mins I lost track of all the things I counted, if you stop and notice for a second you’ll discover what I did, we are covered in plastics.

My clothes, my water bottle, parts of my bag, my earrings, my hair elastics, my lunchbox and so many things around me are all made of plastics.

We live in a plastic world.

But plastic is essential to our daily lives in the modern world, without plastics our whole world could quite literally fall apart.

We rely on plastics to: