<aside> 💡 Are you a Questify enthusiast? Want to join us as an Ambassador to contribute and help build our community? Then hurry up and check out the handbook, we appreciate everyone! The requirements and processes for advancing your career as a Questify Ambassador are listed below. Join Questify: “The Odyssey” right now!



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<aside> ✨ Are you crazy about Questify? Do you want to spread the word about Questify? Then it's time to join the Questify Ambassador Program: “The Odyssey”.


🌟 What is “The Odyssey”, the Questify Ambassador Program, all about?

The Odyssey Ambassador Program, is an official Questify community program that anyone can join. By participating in the program and following the rules, community members can qualify to become an official Questify Ambassador, known as Ulysses, with access to the most exclusive benefits and opportunities!

🌊 The Odyssey Ambassador Program is designed to help Questify grow. Like any well-structured Ambassador program, “The Odyssey” is divided into levels, each with its own benefits and rewards. By demonstrating your love for Questify, you can increase your level from the first Explorer role to the Ulysses role.

🎬 What will be the main challenges for the Questify Ambassador? First and foremost, creating content about Questify and sharing it on your social networks as well as regional communities. Regarding the type of content, it's pretty simple - you decide what content to create, whether it's infographics, videos, art or any Questify-related content of your desire.

🎨 Are you super creative? A professional in content creation? New to Ambassador programs, but with big ambitions? There's a room for everyone at “The Odyssey”.

If you've already made up your mind, join us without any hesitation!

🚦Where do I start in Questify: The Odyssey?

  1. Subscribe to our Twitter
  2. Go to our community Discord
  3. Start being active in Discord and don't forget to give us a ❤️ in Twitter.