The Noble Quran is basically a translation of the Quran by Muhammad Taqi-ud Din al-Hilala and Muhammad Muhsin Khan. It was revealed during the battle of Karbala against the Persians, in the year 6 AH. It is regarded as one of the most important works of the Islamic religion and it contains all of the laws, rules and guidelines associated with the Muslim community. This means that anyone who is Muslim should study this book, because it contains all of the laws and teachings that a Muslim should follow, when it comes to religion. Anyone who does not follow these rules, will be subject to sharia law and this will lead to the death penalty, as well as other harsh punishments.

The Noble Quran contains some of the oldest and greatest Arabic words ever used by the Arabic language. Some of these words have had a major impact on the development of today's Arabic language. For example, the word "Allah" itself has several meanings and uses. Therefore, the meaning of the Noble Quran, when translated and interpreted by an Arabic speaker, is one of the foremost and beautiful Islamic translations ever.

One can only imagine what this text was like when it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. One of the primary rules that it discusses is that marriage is only between a man and a woman, which are one of the closest relationships in the entire universe. This is one of the most basic rules of Islam, and it has been implemented since the beginning. It is also one of the most controversial laws in Islam, as some see it as a violation of the rights of women. Another rule in this book states that Muslim women should remain away from non-Muslim men, because they are not from their own gender.

Another law states that a Muslim man and a Muslim woman should not be alone together. This is also true for those who are separated by death or divorce. This law is meant to safeguard women from being overpowered by a man, which is one reason why there were many wives taken in to Islam during the time of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). This also prohibits affairs between the husband and wife. This is strictly prohibited in Islam, and is considered to be a filthy and unaccepted practice, which is contrary to the teachings of the Noble Quran.

One of the most controversial laws found in the Noble Quran is the one that states that polygamy is against the order of God. Although this article is based on the Arabic translation of the Noble Quran, this article is only a mere clarification of the meaning of one of the most sacred texts that was revealed to prophet Muhammad (SAW). Those who want to delve deeper into this topic should do so through additional research. One cannot be too specific or attempt to translate the meaning of one of the most important books ever created. The Noble Quran contains a plethora of complex words and verses and attempting to decipher them without proper translation would ultimately fail.

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According to the Qur'an women are allowed to remarry after divorce only with the permission of her new husband. If she remarries, then this action contravenes the commandment of God to the effect that no female should associate with a man after the completion of her menses. Those who want to live in accordance with this law can obtain an Marry the Anger of God certificate from an authorized Islamic marriage

Some other controversial laws in the Noble Quran include those that forbid a Muslim from being present at the wedding of his friend or relations. The reason for this act is that Muslims believe that it is religiously unacceptable to be present at a wedding if one's friend or relative has just divorced and remarried. However, the Islamic law code permits the presence of a person who is not a kin or relation. This also applies when a Muslim is present in the presence of non-Muslims. This is because in some areas of the world, such as Belgium and France, it is religiously permitted to be present at a wedding even if one's friend has been divorced and married.

The laws in the Noble Quran regarding divorce are not the same everywhere in the world. This is because each country has its own set of social and cultural considerations to which it adheres. For example, in many countries, a woman who remarries without the permission of her new husband goes through the legal process of divorce, but this may not always be the case.