Question: What would you teach of history to an American ten year old?

We present 36 topics, in rough (but overlapping) chronological order, and of similar importance.

Chapter 1: The Rise of Man

  1. The human body: an owner's manual
    1. includes information about the senses, nutrition, and physical health
  2. The Big Bang and the formation of the Sun and the Earth
    1. includes some basic physics and chemistry
  3. The Tree of Life and The Age of Dinosaurs
    1. includes some basic biology
  4. Evolving out of African Apes
  5. Fire, Tools, and Agriculture
  6. The Old World and the New World
    1. largely Geography - an overview of Continents, Countries, and Cities

Chapter 2: The Old World

  1. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
  2. Greece and Rome
  3. China and India
  4. Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism
  5. Life in the Middle Ages
  6. The Renaissance and the Reformation

Chapter 3: The Dawn of a Nation