When developing DeFi Rating, we strived to make it unbiased and 100% immune to manipulation by project teams. Aside from having significant mathematical and digital advances at its foundation, DeFi Rating is based on the philosophy manifested through the objectives given below:

  1. DeFi Rating does not belong to any particular person. This is a community where everyone has a voice and can contribute to its decentralized, permissionless nature. Anyone can speak in the interest of projects by casting votes and spending their tokens. The latter requirement is necessary in order to prove that each participant has a relation to the project that they are evaluating.
  2. Experts are not representatives of any DeFi projects (the opposite should be stated in their profile). DeFi Rating’s creators will do their best to avoid any attempts of rating manipulation by project teams or their representatives.
  3. Full openness and transparency to underscore the major principles of DeFi. The entire history of the rating tool can be viewed on the Ethereum blockchain. All major decisions are taken after a thorough discussion and an official vote.
  4. We don’t fake numbers. On the contrary, our main goal is to provide users with a comprehensive tool to help them make informed decisions.
  5. A global community forms the rating - we are beyond geographical borders. DeFi Rating is available to users from all over the world.
  6. Smart and decentralized governance is what the entire structure relies on. As with the voting process, all ideas and initiatives must reach a consensus that’s sourced from the community. DeFi Rating, in its turn, gathers these signals and guides the users. Consensus enables efficient processing of these votes.
  7. Fair voting. DeFi Rating strives to reach consensus with respect to all its member’s opinions. Thanks to the smart voting system and variable vote weight, more objective evaluation is reached, where all opinions play a role.
  8. Respect and dignity are not empty words for the DeFi community. While the discussion is based on facts and principles, arguments should never be aimed at particular individuals. DeFi Rating does not accept any kind of harassment.

Together, we are creating a safe and fair DeFi environment by adopting a truly democratic approach. DeFi Rating belongs not to us, but to the entire community that is creating it. It is the community that makes all the key decisions while staying open and respectful to each other.

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