The process of 3D printing the pieces

Each major piece is taking roughly twelve hours, but we’re also printing them with a thick shell and extra internal support.

The costume looked good, but it could be better. Some of the surfaces just weren’t smooth enough so we gave them another sanding. As expected, most of the paint came off, but the underlying plastic shows high points indicating the filler and paint layers settled into the lower spots. It looks odd, seeing the black and silver stripes, but the surfaces are much smoother than before, almost glasslike, so the next layer of primer and paint should look even better.

2022-03-15 20.48.33.jpg

After a few more sand, prime, paint, repeat sessions, the armor looks pretty good.


Finally everything has a good coat of paint, the detail accent color is a dark green.


Next, and hopefully the last, the armor gets a good buffing with sandpaper to appear used.