Hey! We are the 2021 TKS-iGEM team: 11 teens from around the 🌎 on a mission to create more efficient and affordable biofertilizers through the power of synthetic biology


Our story


TKS is a 10-month accelerator for ambitious teenagers who want to make an impact in the world. ****We replicate the learning environment and culture of Silicon Valley and train to solve the world's biggest problems using exponential tech.

Having worked on biotech projects in the past, we took initiative and started the first-ever TKS iGEM team.

The team

Steven ten Holder, PI


LinkedIn, website

Previous projects/companies: Acorn Labs

Areas of experience: synthetic biology, longevity, stem cells, startups

Sofia Sanchez


LinkedIn, portfolio

Areas of experience: synthetic biology, Artificial Intelligence, future of food

Previous projects:

Ammielle Wambo


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Areas of experience: biological computing

Previous projects:

Amy Li


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Areas of experience: synthetic biology

Previous projects:

Diba Dindoust


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Areas of experience: gene editing, B cell therapy, HIV, epilepsy

Previous projects: