🦒 What to Expect

The interview process can vary widely from opportunity to opportunity, but almost all take place over a combination of the following 3 stages.

<aside> ⚠️ Instead of having 3 distinct Stages, some studios will carry out Stage 1, then hybridise Stages 2+3 into a single phase. Entry-level positions will generally be subject to a lighter-intensity ‘combined’ process than those typically used for more senior applicants.


<aside> 💡 You can find some common Questions & Answers to have ready for each interview stage at: Interview Q&As


Stage 1: The Pre-Screen

Duration: ~20-40min

Great! Your CV and Portfolio have been noticed, and you have been invited for your first in-person contact with the compay you are potentially looking to join.

This first stage will typically be an introductory phone or video call with a Recruiter or a member or HR at the company.

The goal of this interview is to mostly establish a first connection, for them to get to know more about you, your experience, and your ambitions at a surface level, and for you to get to know less widely-available information about the studio, role, and project you could be joining.

Typically, no discipline specifics or technical conversation will be discussed. However, if both parties are willing to, salary expectations could be a touch-point to ensure there is a match between your expecations, and the salary-band for the opening.

Stage 2: Interview with the Hiring Manager(s)

Duration: ~60-90min

If you pass the pre-screen, your next interview will most likely be a video call, or on-site interview with the Hiring Manager for the position, as well as was 1-2 chosen members of their entourage.

It is during this stage that you will get into the nitty-gritty of your craft, and most importantly, this will be your chance to ask a lot of questions about their methods of development and full expectations of the role.

If the studio in question requires tests to be completed as part of their hiring process, if there is interest to proceed further, it is most likely at the conclusion of this stage that you will be asked if you are willing to perform a 'Take-Home Test' as a precursor to Stage 3.

<aside> 💡 You can find more information on UI Tests at UI Tests.


Stage 3: Meeting the Team

Duration: 2-4hrs

First of all. Congratulations if you've made it this far. This typically means that the results of the test you performed met, or exceeded expectations.