I am not sure that I believe I believe, but that logic has no place here. In this place, I believe. In this place, <阿都奶> exists as mightily as St. Anselm ever imagined.

I Believe

... that השם revealed the law to Moses, at Sinai.

Sinai refers to a region located between Jerusalem and the Nile River.

... that the influence of השם can be felt on Earth, today.

this is in opposition to cessationism. And we quote: "Cessationism is a Protestant doctrine that spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues, prophecy and healing ceased with the Apostolic Age. Reformers such as John Calvin originated this view."

... that it is a matter of great scientific interest whether a [{theosophic particle}] travels at below the speed of light, at the speed of light, or faster than the speed of light.

You have read Ender's Shadow, right?

This test is being graded. If you do not get a perfect score, you will not be enlightened.

We use "enlightened" here to mean that you will be unable to understand the argument unless you can answer all the questions.

Orange you glad you're not color-blind?

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... we believe that השם is all-knowing and influenced by prayer

Does the existence of faster-than-light communications imply the ability to send signals backwards in time?

... we believe that the influence of new technology means that humans, through study and communication, shall become better able to understand the nature of השם

A Parable