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Who are the Lost Heroes?

HHoYM Backstory

A Game? A Series? A Flexible NFT Project.

As the collection of 3,333 Hodly Heroes of Yestermorrow make their way across the cross-dimensional timewaves of the known multiverse, one common thread becomes clear: the battle between good and evil.

But what is good? And what is evil? Truth is relative in the multiversal PLVRS (pronounced “Pel-eh-verse”).

The Hodly Heroes of Yestermorrow are automatically placed into one of four teams based on their skin color: Good, Evil, Neutral, or You-Must-Choose. Each skin color comes with its own unique superpower to offer stories within the PLVRS.

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As the Enter the PLVRS animated series and online game satires the world and modern civilization through the guise of decentralization, your Hodly Hero’s character must always follow its base team’s position:

In future seasons of Enter the PLVRS, Big Tube will send its minions to join the Evil hodlies and chase after any rebel hodlies to enslave them once and for all!