<aside> 🎉 Welcome to the Guide to Gatherly! Here, you will find everything you need to know about how the platform works, how you can host your own event, tech specs, and much more.


IMPORTANT Gatherly Facts Everybody Needs to Know

General Information

What Can You Do on Gatherly?

Gatherly Features List

Customization: Make it Your Own!

Attendee Best Practices

Gatherly Troubleshooting

Technical Specifications for Gatherly


Event Host Resources

Create Events on Gatherly VESTA

Gatherly Admin Features List

Mapmaking Best Practices

Pre-Event Host Checklist

Event Host Best Practices and Tips


COPPA Waiver 📃

If you or a participant you know is 13 years old and younger, please ensure their legal guardian fills out this quick waiver:

WaiverFile | Online Waiver Form Entry

Tutorial Playlist

The playlist contains multiple short videos that goes over different features and aspects of the platform. Stuck on something? Learn it within a few minutes!

How To Navigate Gatherly

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