Hi, my name is O'Plérou and I'm the creator/founder of Zouzoukwa. :)

I'm a 24-year-old Ivorian artist & designer based in Abidjan. I like to merge my many interests in my creative projects and my values include honesty, self-expression, autonomy, inclusion, authenticity and direct action. ✨

Learning and creating are my biggest passions, I'm an avid researcher always working on something. My favorite subjects include culture, psychology, philosophy, while some of my creative outlets include drawing, digital art, graphic & type design, writing, and making music (even if I suck, lol).

I'm especially excited about Zouzoukwa, because the project connects many of my interests and has much potential for growth. I hope that the web3 community will help me build it and realize my dream: being able to make a living off my creative projects, helping others to do the same and having a tangible impact on my community.

Thanks for visiting this wiki. I hope you'll join me in the Zouzoukwa journey (:

web things

Website: oplerou.studio ↗

ETH adress: oplerou.eth ↗

Twitter: @OPlerou ↗

Discord: OPlerou#7425