The current economic system is broken. The open question is whether it is broken by design.

The problems involving excessive consumption of natural resources is comparatively well-known. Arable lands have been almost entirely converted to cropland. Easily-mineable metals are consumed over time. Fossil fuels are used at an unsustainable rate, and contributing to ...

The issue we address is the issue of wealth across a person's life. A person is born without wealth (unless they are an heir) and has little opportunity to accumulate it through the first 15 years of their life. They are then faced with expenditures to establish a household, complete professional education, and to bear and raise children. Over time, their salary increases, and they establish savings. In their old age, they retire and spend their savings, until death.

We consider an alternate system.

What is the total value of US renewable energy production?

We consider only Wind and Solar for this analysis.

In 2020, the US produced 337.5 terawatt-hours of wind electricity. At 10c/kWh, this is valued at 33 billion, or $100 per person per year.

We estimate solar electricity production to be half of wind electricity.

Certain types of agricultural production should be considered renewable energy. We estimate 100 billion, or $300 per person per year.