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We know there is no gold standard or off-the-shelf framework for how and where to get started on developing ESG strategies – especially for startups in the early stages of their growth. We also know that this is diluting efforts and making it hard for founders to direct their resources into the right focus areas while also trying to get a company off the ground. Therefore, this Napkin is an inspiration for where to start and what startup founders should focus on in their ESG efforts at the MVP, pre-seed, and seed stage.

Remember: The later you start, the more difficult it will be to fix. So, waiting too long to begin the work with ESG factors at your startup is not a strategy to pursue.

An introduction to the ESG Napkin by Investment Director, Alexander Viterbo-Horten

The PSV Academy ToolTalk on using the framework with Chris Lykke Christiansen from Nøie



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