Everything you've ever wanted to know (and more) about the Digital Harinezumi camera.


🤔 What is the Digital Harinezumi?

The **Digital Harinezumi is a camera that fits in the palm of your hand. It's plastic and cute. It feels more like a Tamagotchi than a filmmaking tool. It captures footage that many compare to Super-8 film. Here's an example:


The camera captures both still photos and moving images with a 2 or 3-megapixel sensor (depending on the model). Four core models of the camera were produced between 2010 - 2014.

📜 What's the Story?

This eccentric little camera had its moment. Most notably, Terrance Malick used the Digital Harinezumi to shoot the opening of *To the Wonder* and Harmony Korine featured footage from the camera in Spring Breakers.

Korine also shot a short film, Blood of Havana, using only the Digital Harinezumi. The film was included in an exhibition at the New Museum titled Imperfect as We Are, which also included Harinezumi works from: Claire Denis, Agnes B, Miranda July, Chan-Wook Park, Charlotte Gainsbourg, So Yong Kim, Bruce La Bruce, Jonas Mekas, Isabel Coixet, Patrice Leconte, Albert Maysles, Christopher Doyle, Mount Eerie, Erroll Morris, and Kelly Reichardt.

In 2014, after the Digital Harinezumi 4, the camera was discontinued.