Digital fashion is not here to stay, it is here to inspire, entertain and transform our culture towards a more balanced state and influence + support the shift of the physical layer of our complex industry towards Balanced Fashion. Below you will find the proof of the fact that the ecosystem and its key trailblazers are about to be ready for the greatest transformation the industry has experienced since the invention of Shirtwaist in 1890s.

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FINALLY, it is time to publish this digital art piece that this guide is intended to be. I feel beyond happy you are tuning in! This megalithic piece of literature has been brewing for a while. In parallel, I also wrote a gigantic meta article on the FALL of Digital Fashion which I will publish later, (to counter balance my until today most popular by far digital fashion focused piece of writing from 2019) as I strongly believe that the real future of fashion is physical, no matter how like we enjoy creating digital solutions. Physical world and all that we create, besides what is made from biodegradable materials, is not gonna go anywhere, so we all will have to deal with an overwhelming amount of by-product the industry has produced over the past decades. However, this article is not about that elephant in the room. It is about the air in the room so to speak…

This piece of writing is set to educate the readers and my fellow visionaries on the digital fashion as a layer of reality that we will be exploring until we reach a deep sate of inner peace as human beings and won’t need this ‘old life’, expired thing we call technology to satisfy our emotional needs outside of ourselves. We are more powerful than the technology tools that we have developed so far, trust me on that. When you spiritually advance yourself and learn to apply your inner technology such as heartspace and third eye, and the intelligence of our body in your daily life, you will experience what I mean. Magic is what we choose to create daily. More about that in the mentioned above Meta article to be published when I feel it is ready to be seen publicly.

For now, what we collectively agreed to call DIGITAL FASHION is a cool new consept for us to direct our attention towards and utilize the tools we have developed to visualize and manifest a dynamic, exciting and fun creative infrastructure that will have a capacity to welcome in, hold and support the finally circular, transparent, traceable, ethical, and responsible physical fashion and consumer goods industries. It will help us model the new ways of consumption, collection and care for this beautiful creative medium we call fashion that has been shaping our global culture throughout the history of Humanity.

Fashion is cool. Fashion has a capacity to envision better and brighter realities. We, digital fashion natives, have a capacity to create a completely new dream for the WHOLE WORLD to follow. That is what this article is for, to boost YOUR personal feeling of empowerment in this space, dear reader.

If you feel overwhelmed reading this piece, simply stop and come back to it when you feel authentically curious to continue. This article is intended to be a study material, rather than a one-time, disposable piece of content that so many of us are so tired of at this point.

This piece is written by me as a result of my life’s work. I have been in competitive sports (which crypto fashion basically is), luxury fashion sales and PR, multiple businesses owner, product manager of hottest fashion tech ventures, consultant, advisor and investor in the broadest sense of digital fashion world for my whole life. For many, many months now I have been diving into incredibly rich process of research and collected a large body of work for an in-depth report around what is, LUKSO, Arianee, Vechain, Aura and other upcoming giants in the crypto for the future of luxury & creative economies are here to bring. This article is not intended to cover such giants, but to show what is currently being built in the space and how fashion brands can start strategizing their phygitalization movement because that is part of what we call Balanced Fashion movement, whether you like it or not. Because we are going to stop producing new physical fashion in such great quantities and start training our community to consume less by entertaining ourselves via digital means, helping the fashion audience to understand our collective movement into DAOs & Universal Creative Income via crypto space in a sexy and fun way. Think back to the e-commerce in early 2000s. Crypto (hopefully, equialent to digital at some point) fashion is that now. OK? Sinked that in?

Let’s move on. I hope if you have stumbled upon this article I do not have to define NFTs for you. Anyways, we do not have to use that term anymore and simply call all digitally-native products on-chain.

Fashion and traditional art spaces desperately needed the next level blockchain ecosystems & storytelling around them to be built to cater specificities of these creative areas that are renown to be so stale in terms of technology applications. These fields are so drastically difference from DeFi in terms of language, while the traditional monetary systems’ infrastructures seem to be less complex than the beast of the world we have built in fashion ecosystems in the past decades. I was early in the game exploring and reporting my visions of how blockchain technology can be applied in the fashion world for good. Check out the two-part (1 & 2) series I wrote back in 2018, when there was still very little research completed in blockchain applications for the fashion industry. This pre-dates all projects mentioned in this article below. OK? Ok. I know the topic. I am a crypto investor from earlier than you may assume. I know what I am talking about even when you meet me you think I am a creative strategist. I am a deeply geeky technologist at heart. Looking at code makes me feel relaxed. Talking tech is my love language. I fall in love with humans who code because fashion and art is a form of coding language too. Just more aesthetically pleasing and more universally recognized. In fashion, we speak with visual codes and program the consciouness of everyone who is exposed to our fashion choices. Nowadays with the word fashion we mean the whole industry, but when I use the word fashion, I mean universal language, a system of codes.

Back to the topic of digital fashion. We are currently taking part in the next iteration of the industry emerging and developing ecosystems to support the upcoming transition from the old ways of how fashion industry operated, to the new. This is still very much work in progress across all the companies I am closely watching, that are part of the Balanced Fashion ecosystem of Web 3.0.

I am still educating myself and seeing how CLOSED and relatively tight this space is for anyone like me who is extremely enthusiastic in my research, while not being directly affiliated with any technology, doing all the research all by myself, without any formal advisors and guides and digging passionately for answers of what is to come, reporting on the deepest Truth behind the big, ambitios statements on those Web 3.0 projects’ initiatives. Deeper about that to be reported in the future.

Grounding back to something that is more digestible for us now right now. Practical applications and narratives of digital fashion and examples of b2c platforms that are currently being developed.

WELCOME to my grand overview of Fashion Focused NFT Marketplaces and other supporting projects that make up the fabric of the emerging Digital Fashion World.

Here is a summary of the featured above projects for our convenience.

Call it table of contents, but not really because this platform doesn't allow. You know tech, it expands and limits us at the same time.