This document will be a living document. I'll add things overtime. Tools, documents, articles, books, etc. Favorite this page and come back from time to time. Also if you think about some ressources I could add here, just shoot me an email at

Building the ultimate wiki about how to build a company.

The reason behind this document is fairly simple; I've always been fascinated by entrepreneurship & company building and all that is related to those two things: organization, decision making, creativity, people management, etc.

I've decided to make this document public as it will allow you to help me enriching it and also it might be useful for a lot of people out there. Either building a new company/organization or looking for tools & knowledge to improve your own organization.


Building a Company's Culture

Onboarding / Employee Handbooks



Salary & Equity

Raising Funds

Pitching your startups



Decision Making

Org Charts