Matching communities to partners and sponsors.


Welcome to the Stoop Community-Partner Matching Tool.

This is a tool designed to cut out the red tape between communities and corporate partners quickly.

Stoop Matching Tool - For Partners and Sponsors

Do you want to grow your branded community?

There's no better way than by supporting other similar communities.

We can help you connect and do business with communities at scale. Find relevant communities, see what they're looking for in a sponsor, and connect with relevant communities with a few clicks.

Click here to go to our Corporate Partner Matching Tool.

Stoop Matching Tool - For Community Builders

Are you running a community that could benefit from some support?

Often-times, partners are the fastest route to getting much-needed resources for your community - from cash to quality speakers to perks and discounts, corporate partners have a lot to offer.

We can help you make those connections easily and efficiently.

Click here to go to our Innovation Community Matching Tool.


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