To Participants:

There are three tracks in the UWB Design Jam 2021, you may select any which one to submit to. These tracks are fairly open-ended but feel free to contact any of the @Organizers for information.

The final result of the product should be a working prototype of an app, website, game, or other variations. In your submission you will be asked to provide the following:

Solutions and product prototypes to these issues don’t have to be grand! Simple solutions are sometimes the best so don’t overcomplicate or have an overbearing scope to design for the weekend. Consider who benefits from your product? How will they use it? Will using it make sense? Do people want it? Etc.. Feel free to ask for help on where to start, resources, advice, on our Discord

As long as the project has meaning to you, and fulfills the requirements to address one of the themes, it will be considered. In addition, solutions don’t have to be pretty or aesthetic.

🎨 Creativity Track

**Interested in expanding creative channels?**The creative track is about designing a product that encourages and inspires others to be more creative. Make life less boring!

Things to think about...

Articles to consider:

Undergraduates’ Barriers to Creative Thought and Innovative in a New Millennial Era