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Our vision is to create the most intuitive way for people to express themselves and to connect with others through common interests. We believe that social is best when it is about real people and authentic content. Bubble is where both converge.

What is Bubble?

Bubble is an open platform that allows users to create instant video comments on all kinds of content. Take any photo, video, or web content and record a short video message on top of it. Then share it with your friends or like-minded people and get their reaction. This creates a new layer of comments and conversations that are organised around groups which we call ‘bubbles’. You can create private bubbles with your friends or join public bubbles that form around topics of common interests, such as sports, tech, design, or trending topics!

Why we're building this: Putting real conversations in the spotlight!

Social media has permeated our lives by providing us with endless opportunities for sharing anything online or watching snippets of other people’s lives in our feeds. However, most of it has evolved around self-promotion and the goal of getting more likes instead of real interaction: While some became ‘influencers’ - most stayed ‘followers’. The result is a huge imbalance between engaging content by a few and an endless feed of comments and messages by the rest of us.

We built Bubble to be a space for authentic and engaging interaction between real people around real content. Since we believe that the most intimate connections emerge through people’s faces, Bubble allows people to really merge with the content they are sharing. So instead of just browsing through anonymous posts, you can now hear and see your friends or favorite creators while they discuss opinions, raise questions, or just laugh along with you.

Such conversations might emerge around the latest political topic, or around a famous tweet, but they can also just be quick video reactions about a funny picture from last night or about your favorite song. What sets video comments apart is that everyone is truly present - smiling, frowning, enthusiastic, or surprised. And everyone is joining around a common interest, be it friends, stars, or strangers.

Grow your bubble!

Also, Bubble is designed around discovery and exploration. Instead of being locked into ‘echo chambers’ of algorithmically tailored content feeds, ‘joining a bubble’ means to expose yourself to new opinions and to be confronted with new personalities that you might not have met elsewhere.

Curious to see Bubble in action? Head to and sign up for early access! We invite all of you to expand your connections, learn something new, and have fun together - one bubble at a time!

Work at Bubble

We are still in the early days of our joint vision. Our goal is to build, test, and iterate the first product over the next months and we are currently in the process of hiring a rockstar core team that shares our values and is eager to join this mission.

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