💡 What’s the idea?

Give a summary of what the thing is. If you need to cut scope, this is the place to do it.

🧭 How will this move the needle on our key metric(s)?

E.g. How will this improve retention?

🧮 How will we measure if this is successful?

What metrics will we use to measure success? Sometimes the key metric might take a while to move - are there other metrics that we can use that have a faster feedback? Check out this doc if you’re in need of some inspiration.

🧘 Do we need to build confidence in this idea before we build it?

Do we want to take time to build a prototype + build confidence, or are we so confident in the idea that we just go straight into build? Why/why not? Any data or user feedback here is great!

📝 What’s the rough overview of work required to ship this?

do we need user research? do we need to plan/partner with another company? do we need to find a new tool to do the thing we want to do?

⏭ What are the next steps?

If we started working on this tomorrow, what would we do first? If you decide to kill this idea, talk about your reasons in here.

😎 Any other notes/comments/important info