The Assembly is a collective. Citizens of the Assembly dislike uneven power dynamics - their anarchic roots means no authority figure goes unquestioned. As with all collectives, they can accomplish almost anything that they put their minds to, without requiring profit or process - but as with all collectives, convincing enough people to take action sometimes means waiting until it's almost too late.

Build notes: Rebalanced as of 27/8/2021 to make Health is Wealth less OP.

the Assembly has **6 unique regen cards** and **4 unique one-time cards.** This is
the lowest of the three distrikts; it reflects the fact that the Assembly does not have
a huge multi-tiered governance structure like the others do. Its cards are more 
generalist. In **total, it has 8 regen cards and 7 one-time plays, for a total of 15.**

These people are berserkers. Larger-than-normal draw rates for basic regen,
with the caveat that regen only works when something's broken. Huge reboots and
strong Emergency measures that disable their passive regen (showing a weakening of the
social contract). The Assembly is a depiction of the saying "when the going gets tough, 
the tough get going." Which means an effective strategy means keeping the distrikt on 
the knife's edge of getting wiped out by a disaster, as this a distrikt that thrives
under stress.

Assembly - Policy Cards