Wall of Love 💕

“I have really loved participating in Prose Train projects! It’s a really fun and easy way to write fiction without any pressure. Also, I love reading all of the different ideas everyone suggests and how the plot of the story can change vastly with every writer.”

Eman Hussain, Castilleja, 3x Prosetrainer

“The Prose Train has been a really great space for me when it comes to collaboration and creativity while not being too stressful. Writing with so many people has been a really great way to learn about new ideas, unique perspectives and to develop my literary skills. On top of that, the end products are always such a blast to read and something I continue to want to be a part of. So if you are looking for a place to write and have some fun, I would highly suggest joining The Prose Train!”

Langston Wu, Gunn HS, 5x Prosetrainer

“The Prose Train is a super simple and rewarding experience! It’s cool to see how a bunch of different people, all with their own ideas, can come together to form one cohesive story.”

Sawyer McKenna, Gunn HS, 3x Prosetrainer

“I loved the collaboration I was able to experience in writing the short stories, and because of the collaboration involved, I was able to learn about other writers’ writing styles and compare mine to theirs.”

Sophie Hahn, Gunn HS, 4x Prosetrainer

“I really enjoyed it!! It was a challenge and way different for me but it was enjoyable.”

Savannah, Gunn HS, 2x Prosetrainer

“I absolutely love this project and I think it’s so creative and fun. Everyone should participate!”

Maya Ma, Gunn HS, 1x Prosetrainer

“I’ve been with working with The Prose Train since pretty much the start, and it’s been really great to watch it grow with larger projects, more people, etc. I really enjoy writing in a variety of genres I normally wouldn’t undertake, with protagonists I normally wouldn’t choose, and sometimes halfway through (or even at the end) of a story I’m not at all familiar with. It’s quite a bit like improv—instead of trying to force everything to go in a certain direction, it’s a matter of going with the flow and introducing new ideas in the moment to keep the energy up. It’s a very low time commitment, and always a good time.”

Eileen Hung, Gunn HS, 8x Prosetrainer

“I think this is a great project for people who want to start writing. Everyone is inclusive and goes with the flow of the story and there is no hate for anybody’s writing style. It’s a fun project and I’ve always felt heard, ever since the beginning.”

Helena Surwillo, Gunn HS, 4x Prosetrainer

“In the hypercompetitive STEM-centric environment of Silicon Valley—and Gunn High School—The Prose Train helped me get back into creative writing; the girl who’d sit on her stomach and scrawl out stories about magic ribbons and pieces of gum emerged once more. I’ve loved the collaborative nature of The Prose Train, which has enabled me to learn from others’ writing techniques. It also adds a layer of suspense to the writing process (you don’t know how the story’s going to end!).”

Amann Mahajan, Gunn HS, 5x Prosetrainer

“I like seeing the direction the story goes in. It’s especially interesting when I write early in the story and it takes an unexpected turn. If you enjoy creative writing, this is a cool way to do it.”

Fiona Li, Gunn HS, 6x Prosetrainer

“It’s been amazing to see the magic that happens in writing when writers from different backgrounds come together to combine unique ideas that in the end create a masterpiece!”

Andrea Esparza, Gunn HS, 3x Prosetrainer

“The Prose Train gave me an opportunity to improve my writing skills and be creative. I enjoyed reading the completed stories because each person added their own ideas and twists to the story to make it interesting and unique.”

Lucy Zhao, Paly HS, 4x Prosetrainer