“I can readily offer my professional opinion of Reen Waterman based on over 12 years of knowing him. My professional opinion is based on over twenty years of corporate experience with Johnson & Johnson. Reen has natural talents in creative thinking and marketing. He possesses experience and skills that are rare and valuable in both ministry and the marketplace. Reen has been a proven asset to us and has the perseverance to get the job done whatever it takes!” John Carnwath, Founder, Camp Blaze

“Reen Waterman is a person of high caliber, morals, and integrity. He displays initiative and strong leadership skills, is persuasive, and works well collaboratively. Reen possesses sophisticated interpersonal skills, is an effective listener, and is unusually gifted with outstanding written and oral communication abilities.” Larry Grazio, Community Relations and Development, The Salvation Army

"With my extensive four-decade career as a publisher, I can honestly say that Reen's weekly column "About the House" is fresh, insightful, and really invaluable to homeowners. His three-decade practical experience as a real estate agent & broker, developer, home builder, and investor gives Reen expert insight and credentials to write on this subject. This is great content for syndication." Jim Normandin Publisher, APG Media of Chesapeake

“I have known Reen Waterman for several years. His outstanding creativity was apparent as we worked on several projects together. I have witnessed his energy, desire to connect with others, and great writing skills. He clearly displays the characteristics of integrity, loyalty, tenacity, and determination.” Jamie Jordan, President, Stravicom Global

"Reen is action-oriented and always delivers beyond expectations. He is genuinely interested in putting others first."

Mike Castronovo, CEO, Crowd Music

" Reen prepared a powerful Case for support from the Doris Buffet – Sunshine Lady Foundation in June 2012 for Empowerhouse, a non-profit organization supporting victims of domestic violence in the Fredericksburg, VA region. He penned this 15-page request for a major donation pro bono. His passion for the mission of Empowerhouse was evident throughout this superbly written appeal. In the two years since he prepared this successful grant request, the Sunshine Lady Foundation has become our #1 donor, with gifts exceeding $2 million. These major philanthropic gifts resulted in our ability to significantly expand shelter and empower victims of domestic violence to build new lives filled with dignity, respect, safety, and hope." **

Doug Jones, Vice President, Empowerhouse Board of Directors