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A test strategy is an outline that describes the testing approach of the software development cycle.

The basis of the Test Strategy comes from the Test Huddle/Congress discussion involving all the software developers and the quality engineers.

Table of contents

Priorities in Testing

🏃🏻‍♀️ Speed

🎖️ Quality

🔁 Feedback

Test Types

Functional testing

✅ 🤖 Component/Unit Testing

✅ Integration Testing

✅ 🤖 Component-Integration Testing

❓ 🤖 System-Integration Testing

✅ 🤖 System Testing

Non-functional testing

✅ Accessibility Testing

❓Security Testing

❓🤖 Vulnerability Assessment

❓Penetration Testing

❓Performance Testing

❓🤖 Load Testing

❓Stress Testing

Infra Testing

❓ Infra Testing (DevOps)

✅ indicates that activity is confirmed in project sprints 
❓ indicates that activity is still under consideration for future sprints
🤖 indicates good feasibility for test automation

Test Automation

Test automation can be written on ANY TEST LEVEL — Unit level, Integration level or System level.