Below are online resources for testing preparation for the AASA, AZSCI, ASPIRE, and ACT. These resources serve a tool to implement practices for student preparation regarding state testing. They 100% mimic the actual tests and therefore, students must bring their devices when taking them: However, teachers can also project them to make some of the deployment strategies below more useful.

Strategies for Using These Resources

Research suggests that exposure to the testing style is the most promising way to increase student growth on tests. The underline assumption is that our students are capable and understand content but are limited by the style of test both in how questions are asked and the testing environment.

Deployment Domains

Pro Tips:

The Deep Dive Take one question and use group discussion to delve into it, catch any trip ups, clarify meanings and vocabulary for students

Across the Week

Use a handful of questions to test students a few times through the week, time it, anticipate trip ups, and review the experience as a group pointing out the trip ups and vocabulary

Cognitive Discourse

Have students describe their thinking, strategies, and techniques for a range of questions so that other students can learn from their peers

Never Solo

Always reflect on student experience, offer suggestions, and encourage students while they undergo these practice experiences - simply taking the test without robust discussion doesn’t hone in on positive strategies for success

Target Practice

If you have any form of data, use it to target the types of questions asked to students. Targeting a specific concept promotes growth, not only proficiency

Testing Preparation Support Schedule

Each grade-level’s visual plan for when and where the Deployment Domains above will be delivered to students. An ideal visual is a smattering across content areas and across the domains above.

👉🏼 Visual Planning Sheet 👈🏼

AASA (6th - 8th Grades)

The Arizona Academic Standards Assessment (AASA) tests 6-8 graders on reading, writing, and mathematics.

Sample Tests