We're rebuilding the Terra Community Console, and we need your expertise!

We've been fortunate to work with Terra since 2020, and previously launched a Flipside-designed version of a Terra dashboard at terra.flipsidecrypto.com. Now, we've planned to relaunch it featuring data and insights created by the Terra Community!

About the Project

We're looking for 1-3 individuals to write copy and select data to be featured on each of the major sections of the Community Console: About Terra, Operational Data, and Financial Data. Each of these sections created will be rewarded with 140 LUNA (approx $1,000 USD). These also have the potential to be an ongoing engagement. See below for more info on each of the sections.

We've redesigned the current console (accessible at terra.flipsidecrypto.com) into a more current, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-read design. We're putting a special emphasis on the Community Console as an educational tool: our hope is that crypto users who are new to Terra use this as a way to understand the unique opportunities and potential of Terra!

You can see the designs here (click to expand):


How To Apply

Please review each of the section requirements listed below.

If you are interested in applying, please take 5 minutes to send your contact information and a 50-word writing sample here:

Community Console Application

Applications close July 15th at 10pm ET (UTC -5).

Terra Community Console Bounties

How To Submit Your Work