1.1. Purpose

The Terms and Conditions is provided by NFT COPILOT (jointly referred to hereinafter as “NFT COPILOT” “we” or “us”) and covers usage of the Website www.nftcopilot.com (referred to hereinafter as “the Website” or “nftcopilot.com”) and our other websites, platforms, applications, products and services. Herein, we shall refer to you as “You” or “the User”.

1.2. Website

The nftcopilot.com website is a decentralized graphical interface that connects the User to popular NFT marketplaces facilitating interaction with the Ethereum protocol (and other equivalents), while using repositories of the www.opensea.io platform (and others). The Website allows You to only check the requirements to purchase NFT tokens on the terms or by the other documents visible and accessible via the Website.

1.3. NFT Tokens Purchase

The User acknowledges and accepts that NFT COPILOT manages nftcopilot.com and You, by purchasing the NFT tokens as a part of the blockchain network, establish a relationship on a basis of other terms and conditions or terms and conditions of service provision, including especially but not only on a basis of information and documents available on websites www.opensea.io, www.ethereum.org (or other depending on the type of NFT tokens purchased) and/or www.metamask.io. Thus, the User acknowledge and accepts that purchasing the NFT tokens does not refer to any transaction or conclusion of any agreement directly with NFT COPILOT. Conclusion of an agreement on service provision by electronic means between NFT COPILOT and the User takes place as a result of registering the Account for a particular User, pursuant hereto.

1.4. Investment

In any way, the activity of NFT COPILOT does not refer to investments as investment funds. Based on information posted on the Website, the term “investment” or “investments” shall be defined only as the purchase of the NFT tokens or pursuing such buy, through third party services (e.g. opensea.io). The activity of NFT COPILOT shall not be perceived as investment advising or investment recommendations, or intermediation in such advice or recommendation, or managing of any assets relating to the NFT tokens.


2.1. User -

a natural person, a legal person, an organizational unit without legal personality to whom the law assigns legal capacity, who manages business or acts professionally, or has appropriate competences on the basis of national law applicable in the place of temporary or permanent residence, who familiarize him/herself with the information posted via the Website;

2.2. Website -

an Internet website under the domain: www.nftcopilot.com;

2.3. Account -

collections and competences assigned to the User within the scope of the Website, resulting concluding the agreement on service provision by electronic means between the User and NFT COPILOT, includes data necessary for authorisation and for using some services accessible via the Website;

2.4. NFT tokens -

a term referring to the value of assets in ERC721 or ERC1155 (or equivalent) standard as a part of the blockchain network (e.g. Ethereum), as provided by third parties services;

2.5. KYC/AML

a set of activities as a result of which information on a particular User is obtained. These activities are performed in order to determine the scope of financial security measures appropriate for a given business relationship or transaction and to assess the risk related to counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing, taking into account specific types of risk;