This document is a public offer agreement ( hereinafter the “Public Offer Agreement”) of SP Balachkov Gennadiy Andreyevich (hereinafter the “Contractor”) and contains all the essential terms of the provision of services provided at MARQUIZ.IO.

This public offer is addressed to the indefinite number of people under p. 2 art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (CC RF). According to p.3 art. 438 CC RF the acceptance of a public offer is equal to signing an agreement under terms and conditions outlined in the public offer, consequently, any person accepting the “Public Offer Agreement” is deemed to have signed the agreement with the “Contractor” in the order and under conditions specified hereafter.


The “Contractor” - Sole Proprietor Balachkov Gennadiy Andreyevich, INN 572005461832, PSRNSP 318574900012430, Orlovskaya region, Orlovskiy area, town Streletskiy, 17 Centralnaya street. The website of the “Contractor” - MARQUIZ.IO

The “Customer” - any individual or legal entity having accepted the “Public Offer Agreement” and having received the information services at MARQUIZ.IO  is the “Customer” of the “Contractor” according to the “Public Offer Agreement”.

The “Public Offer” - this document “Public Offer Agreement” of services provided by Balachkov Gennadiy Andreyevich.

The  “Services” -  the software complex MARQUIZ.IO belonging to the “Contractor”.

The “Acceptance” - full and unconditional acceptance of the “Public Offer Agreement” by the “Customer” by implementing actions provided in this “Public Offer Agreement”. The “Acceptance” makes the “Public Offer Agreement”.

The “Public Offer Agreement” - the “Agreement” between the “Contractor” and the “Customer” made by the “Acceptance” of the “Public Offer” by the “Customer”.

The “Services” - a possibility for the “Customer” to create a marketing quiz (for identifying the needs of the website visitors and helping them to get acquainted with the variety of goods and services provided on the website and for getting visitors’ contact details with the help of the lead form) and install it on the website of the “Customer” to significantly improve the convenience of using the website of the “Customer”.

The “Software” - the software complex “MARQUIZ.IO”, which solves the tasks preliminarily described and set up by the “Customer”. The detailed description of the functions and usage of the software complex is located on the website MARQUIZ.IO of the “Contractor”.


This Public Offer regulates the procedure of the provision of and the payment for the Services to the Customer and determines the mutual rights and obligations of the Contractor and the Customer.


The Customer accepts the Public Offer in the private account by signing up for the services at This action is deemed to be an implicit agreement with the Public Offer and implies full agreement with all the provisions of this Public Offer Agreement.

The Customer provides the safety and security of his password when signing up for the Services. All actions implemented in the personal account of the Customer are deemed to be done by the Customer.


Rights and obligations of the Customer: