Effective date: 5 December 2020

Table of Contents

1. Definitions and interpretation

1.1 Definitions

The meanings of capitalised terms used in these terms of service are set out below.

Terms & meaning

Account or Billing Page - The billing page of the Website, currently located at https://give.bio/account.

Content - Has the meaning given in clause 6(a).

Data - Has the meaning given in clause 10(a).

Data Analytics - Has the meaning given in clause 10(b).

End User - Has the meaning given in clause 12.

Feedback - Has the meaning given in clause 11(b).

Free Plan - A plan under which you use the Give.bio Service but where you are not required to pay for that use.

Intellectual Property Rights  - All industrial and intellectual property rights throughout the world, including all copyright and analogous rights, all rights in relation to inventions or discoveries (including patent rights), designs, registered and unregistered trade marks (including service marks), trade names, brand names, indications of source or appellations of origin, know-how, software, circuit layouts and all other rights throughout the world resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific or artistic fields.

Jurisdiction Specific Terms - The terms in clause 18.

Give.bio Content  - Has the meaning given in clause 9(f).