Thank you for using Vrew (the "Service") provided by VoyagerX (the "Company"). This terms of service is an agreement between the company and the users regarding the use of service. Herein ‘user’ refers to all users including individuals, enterprises, and institutions who install and use the services and agree to these terms and conditions. Users must agree to these Terms of Service in order to use this Service.

1. Introduction to the service

  1. This service is a video editing program that provides features such as automatic subtitle generation based on voice recognition and text-to-speech synthesis through artificial intelligence technology. The company offers this service in various formats, including a file that can be installed and run on different operating systems, a web-based experience accessible through a browser, and a mobile application that can be downloaded and executed on mobile devices.
  2. This service is available anytime, anywhere within the limits of the law.
  3. This service is divided into 'Free Service', which is provided for free, and 'Paid Service', which is provided for a fee.
  4. Users are composed of a member who created an account according to these terms and a non-member who uses the Service without the account. Regardless of whether or not you are a member, you can use this service for free within the scope provided by the Company, as a user subject to this service agreement. However, there may be some restrictions on the use of the service for non-members.
  5. The company does its best to provide users with a service of 24 hours a day and 365 days a year without interruption. However, the service may be interrupted in cases of regular inspection, extensions or replacement of the system or in the events of unwanted situations, such as a national emergency, power failure, or service facility failure.
  6. In the event of service interruption, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the company shall notify the user in possible appropriate ways, such as announcements on the service screen. However, in case that making advance notices is not possible due to service interruption caused by reasons beyond the company's control (such as disruptions non-relevant to the intentions or mistakes of the company, system down, etc.), the company shall not make such announcements and will not be held liable for any damages caused to the user.
  7. The company may modify and update this service or software (partly or in overall) at any time.

2. Scope of the use of service

  1. Users can use this service for free within a limited scope.
  2. For paid services, users can access the service after the payment is completed.

3. Application for membership