We are fully committed to protecting your privacy and your data. Below is a quick summary of what we do and don't do with your information; if you'd like to learn more, please refer to the documents under Terms & Privacy Policy.

It's your data and always will be.

Geneva does not own your data. Members of your groups ("homes") on Geneva do not own your data. We will never sell your data to third parties and we will never show you advertising. Our app does not track or collect location information, nor does it use 3rd party cookies, web beacons, pixels or fingerprinting. You can learn more about our business model here.

Your Geneva home is your own private space.

Groups ("homes") on Geneva are private. We do not see messages or any other content inside your home. We can only see messages that are flagged to us by users for violating our Town Rules or Terms of Service.

Sharing your location is optional.

We give you the option to share your physical location with Geneva so that you can discover homes in your city or neighborhood, and so you can check into IRL events organized through Geneva. If you set a location on your profile, other Geneva users will be able to view the city you’re in, but will not be able to see your precise location.

Sharing your contacts is optional.

We give you the option to sync the contact list on your phone with Geneva so that you can easily invite your contacts to a Geneva home and discover the homes your contacts are in. You can control whether other users can discover you and your homes in your account settings. We do not share your phone number with other users on Geneva.

Syncing contacts is entirely optional. You can invite anyone to a home by sharing the home invite link without syncing contacts. If you opt to sync contacts, we keep a record of your contacts list so we can let you know when your contacts join Geneva. If you un-sync your contacts, we will delete their information from our servers.

Terms and Privacy Policy

If you'd like to learn more about how we protect your privacy and your data, as well as the third parties we work with, please take a read through the documents below: