1. Welcome to Azargath!

Hey Heroes! As you may know, Heroes of the Metaverse is an NFT project to build a medieval fantasy metaverse called Azargath. We love medieval fantasy tales, RPG games, and NFTs. So we thought, why not? But we are also not fans of old-style great leaderships, and we believe that NFTs, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are all about community-driven decisions.

So then we decided that we would work towards building a DAO. Not only an organization but an entire society inside Azargath: with a political system, an economy, a culture and of course, a social stratification benefitting our NFTs holders creating a gamified experience of an NFT project.

We did it this way because it is fun and because we love history - so we know that if we want to build something like this, we need structure. This is what Augustus did when he created the first structures of the Roman Empire (we are basically just stealing his ideas and combining them with modern concepts such as democracy and web3).

Thank you for taking the time to read our project and let's ride this journey together.

2. What we own

The name and Intellectual Property involved in the Heroes of the Metaverse (“HOTM”) is owned by the team here at Heroes Lab. All rights that are not specifically granted to the users and owners of HOTM heroes below are reserved by the team or potential future DAO. This includes but is not limited to the intellectual property rights surrounding the images, names, logos, 3D layer files, trademarks, the website, the ability to mint 3D or voxel or other versions of Heroes, the look and feel of the user interface, the smart contract code, or anything else not specifically granted by any following licenses.

3. What You Own and What You Can Do With It

Basically, you can do whatever you want with your Hero 😉

It is yours, and you have the IP of the heroes you hodl.

You can even merchandise it up to $100,000 through the sale of physical merch or using your Hero in a piece of art you created. Whenever you approach that number or expect to go beyond it, please reach out to the team and we’ll discuss a licensing deal.

4. Specifics on Commercial and Derivative Rights

We love that you love your Heroes, and we want you to hold commercial rights over your NFTs. But please bear in mind that you may use your Hero image in its fullness only. It is not allowed to share, sell or reproduce the individual layers. Furthermore, it is not permitted to use our Heroes in unlawful, fraudulent, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, abusive, hateful, offensive or infringe any laws or regulations or intellectual property rights and you shall indemnify and defend Heroes Labs. against any claims, damages, proceedings, loss or costs arising from such use. We built Heroes of the Metaverse because we wanted to create a space and a society where we wanted to live: with no borders, injustices, or bullies. Please behave heroically.

5. No Guarantees or Future Promises

Heroes of the Metaverse is an NFT project created to become a multi-vertical and community-driven DAO. And we are committed with this vision. The 5 founder's life-project is to dedicate 100% of the work time in HOTM for at least one year to make this idea come true, with all our experience and capabilities into the service of the brand. Nevertheless, the NFT market is too new and the DAOs carries out some legal particularities and challenges that might affect or complicate the future of the project. In other words, there is uncertainty surrounding any startup, whether it belongs to the decentralized blockchain world or not. Therefore, when purchasing a Hero you agree that your purchase from our initial launch of NFTs is all you are guaranteed to receive in exchange for your funds. Whether through primary or secondary channels, the art is what you receive. Any future benefits are ancillary to this purchase and not to be taken into consideration with your initial purchase. You agree that you are not relying on any future commitments by HOTM beyond the community treasury of 323 ETH (assuming sell out) in using this site and participating in our NFT launch.