Last update: November 14, 2020

General terms and conditions of membership and use of the Nibol Platform

I. Definitions

For the purpose of a complete understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions, the definitions attributed to the main terms used in this document, both in the singular and in the plural, are given below:

a) Announcement: means the Announcement Manager and the Business Announcement cumulatively considered;

b) Business Announcement: means the description / presentation of the Company Space, published by the Business User through the HR Platform;

c) Manager Announcement: means the description / presentation of the Manager Space, published by the Manager User through the Manager Platform;

d) Promoted Visible Local Ad: means the description / presentation of a Promoted Visible Local (as defined in clause 1.2, (i), letter d), published through the Nibol Platform by Nibol itself, on the basis of a report received from a Basic User or a Guest User;

e) App: means the application service for mobile devices, tablets and other devices and the interfaces of application programs for using the Services;

f) Conditions: these are the terms and conditions of membership and use of the Nibol Platform by Users;

g) Content: means any textual or multimedia element present on the Nibol Platform, including, by way of example, advertisements, descriptions, reviews, documents, texts, software, scripts, codes, drawings, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos , applications, interactive features, articles, news stories, sketches, animations, stickers, graphics in general and other content;

h) Contact Tracing: means the functionality offered by the Nibol Platform to the Business User to check the presence of the Employee User in the office;

i) Contract: means the contract concluded between Nibol and the User on the basis of these Conditions;

j) Nibol Fee: means the amount of the Commission (as defined in clause 1.1) or the Subscription (as defined in clause 15.2.1) due to Nibol by, respectively, the Manager User or the Business User, as a fee for the use of the Manager and Business Services, and any additional fees that Nibol may provide for the additional Services intended for Basic Users, Guest Users and Employee Users;

k) Credit: means the credit which the Basic User or, in the cases specifically provided for, the Employee User will be able to use for their own drinks in a Shared Space and equivalent to the amount of the Booking Fee;

l) Booking Fee: means the hourly rate that the Basic User or, in the specific cases provided, the Business User must pay to the Manager User by way of consideration for the exploitation of the Manager Space subject to Booking. Unless otherwise indicated on the Nibol Platform, the Booking Fee is inclusive of VAT and all other taxes (subject to the currency exchange of such taxes) and penalties, as well as Commissions and any applicable expenses, such as those for cleaning and any security deposit;

m) Nibol: means Nibol Srl, with registered office in Via Bordighera 14, 20142 - Milan, VAT number. 10683870967, e-mail address:, PEC address:, which manages the Nibol Platform;

n) Pay in-store: means the option for which, in the event of a Reservation of a Shared Space, the payment of the Reservation Fee is not required and any payments will be determined on the basis of consumption at the Shared Space, depending on the methods indicated in the Announcement Manager;