Version February 2022

<aside> 🚀 How to become a member: Students send an email to Externals who wish to become a member use this form.


<aside> 🦠 Please note the COVID19-Measures for the FabLab. Student members must book slots to work in the FabLab via the booking tool under Service Category FabLab.


1 General

The contract between 42 Wolfsburg/Berlin e.V. and the members of 42 FabLab is governed by

2 Membership

The basis for using the 42 FabLab is 42 FabLab membership. 42 FabLab members can be natural persons of legal age or legal entities. In the case of the latter, a specific natural person must be specified as the authorised user when registering. It is not possible to transfer the right of use to another person.

2.1 Registration

Registration is possible at any time and must be made by:

Admission may be refused without giving reasons.

2.2 Memberships

At the time of application, applicants choose from the following memberships:

2.3 Membership Card & Access Token

Each member receives a personal membership card and an access token. These are non-transferable. The membership card must be carried when using the 42 FabLab and shown to staff on request in combination with photo identification.

Any loss of the access token or membership card must be reported immediately to Staff will deactivate lost access tokens or membership cards during business hours (Mo-Fri, 09:00-17:00). The member is liable for any damage until deactivation or damage caused by delayed notification of staff.

In the event of loss of the membership card, a fee of EUR 20.00 is payable for the issue of a replacement card. In the event of loss of the access token, the same applies.

The membership card and access token may not be passed on. If either is passed on, a contractual penalty of 200.00 EUR shall be due. In addition, the member shall be liable for any damage occurring. 42 Wolfsburg e.V. reserves the right to block the membership card and the access token immediately and to exclude the member from 42 FabLab. Exclusion shall be without entitlement to reimbursement of membership fees already paid.

The use of machines and tools under another person's name is tantamount to passing on the card.

2.4 Termination

The minimum contract period is 3 months. Ordinary termination on the part of the member can only take effect once this period has elapsed in full.

The membership can be terminated in writing by both contracting parties with two weeks' notice to the end of the month.

Memberships with annual payment can be terminated in writing with two weeks' notice to the end of the payment period.

On the part of 42 Wolfsburg e.V., membership may be terminated without notice in the event of violations of the Terms and Conditions, the 42 FabLab House Rules, gross negligence on the part of the user in general or in the event of imminent danger.

2.5 Suspension

As an alternative to termination, membership may be suspended for a maximum of one year. The member shall give two weeks' notice of the suspension to the beginning of the following month. The date of reactivation of membership must always be announced at the time of suspension. If no date is explicitly announced, the maximum duration of one year shall be assumed.

After the suspension, the membership automatically continues at the previous conditions. In contrast to termination, equipment authorisations acquired through instruction or training remain valid beyond the period of suspension. Also, no new minimum contract period begins after reactivation.

3 Membership Fee and Payment

Membership fees are due in advance on the first of each month. In the case of monthly payment, only pro rata fees for the remaining days of the month will be charged for the month of registration.