Attention Map

It points out where users will look in your design. It quantifies the user's attention and is a great way to test elements' visibility or the establishment of visual hierarchy.

The red areas capture the most attention whereas the black/blue areas the least.

Clarity Score

It predicts how visually clear and aesthetically pleasing is your design. A low score indicates that your design is cluttered and important elements are not visible with ease.

Clarity Map

It's a color overlay that highlights cluttered areas in your design. Red areas include large amount of compressed information or possible accessibility issues.

Areas of Interest (AOI)

The Areas of Interest or AOIs are rectangular zones inside your artwork with critical elements inside them. By defining these areas, you get back useful statistics related to them. Therefore, designers are able to quantify the Attentions Map's results and eliminate rough assumptions.

If the result is a green box, that means that your AOI is X% above average attention, whereas if the result is a red box that means that your AOI is Y% below average attention of your design.