Syllabus table

Here is the Syllabus Template, with Different Views corresponding to Different Subjects (under Tags)

For this, I've used the Filter option.

I've Put TOPIC as a multiselect option, but you can change that to a text if you like.

Formulas for Spaced Repititions

The formulas are in-built and you can change it if you want

I've spaced out SRs as +1 day, +4 days, +10 days, +20 days

If you want to edit the formula, just choose 'Edit Formula', and change the number in red into whatever number you like!

The formula below generates a value that adds 1 day to the date of 1st Study.

Study Schedule

Here, I've made two calendars using the following option:

Calendar 1 & 2 are as follows

Note that this is a linked database.

You can move things around if you like.

Active Recall

Best way to incorporate this is through the toggle function.

For example:

For further Reviews: