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Dear [Enter name of office or college official],

The coronavirus outbreak has upended life as we knew it for virtually everyone in the country and around the world. It has had unprecedented impact on the situation of many students at [Enter college name], and for many of us our futures now hang in the balance. It has also totally disrupted the school's operations, and we want to thank you for your current efforts in responding to this crisis in the best way possible.

Given the direness of our circumstances for this semester, the group of [Enter number of students signing] students presently signing this letter respectfully request [Enter details of your request/proposal for the school, and why it's important that the school accepts it].

This request to the school has rallied students across [Enter names of departments, undergrad/grad schools whose students are signing]. Given the severe disruption that our community is suffering, we sincerely hope that the school's leadership will be able to accept our proposal. This would go a long way to help mitigate the financial and psychological hardship that has been added to our disappointment in not being able to complete the semester as anticipated.

It is in uncertain and difficult times that a great institution like [Enter college name] can make a real difference for the success of their students. We thank you in advance for rising to the occasion.


[Enter student name], [Enter school's name and/or class year]

[Enter student name], [Enter school's name and/or class year]

[Enter student name], [Enter school's name and/or class year]