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First, learn more about how awful the US Chamber of Commerce is here (there's also a petition you can sign):

Drop The Chamber | Accountable.US

Next let's send this letter (click to read) to companies betraying their word by being Chamber members. We can either:

  1. Go here to copy the template, then use the below email addresses and customize to send it using our preferred email program. Or

  2. Click any individual company name below in purple to auto-populate an already addressed and written email (this is easier!). If it doesn't work on your laptop try your phone. But usually it works both places.

or manually send to jane.fraser@citi.com, karen.peetz@citi.com, Elizabeth.j.barnett@citi.com

or manually send to: SSandberg@fb.com, CCox@fb.com, support@fb.com, platformcs@support.facebook.com

or manually send to: jcmeek@google.com, ruthporat@google.com, sundar@google.com

or manually write to: guest.relations@target.com, brian.cornell@target.com, john.mulligan@target.com

or manually write to: satyan@microsoft.com, tburt@microsoft.com, bbelmont@microsoft.com

or manually write to: chairmansoffice@aexp.com, doug.buckminster@aexp.com, steve.squeri@aexp.com