The main idea behind this mod - is to give users a way to quickly travel across the world, without running 10 times thru the same locations.


This mod will include 2 items - teleportation beacon and rune stone.

Teleportation beacon:

  1. To be placed requires block beneath it.
  2. Once placed can be removed at any time. It will detach all rune stones.

Rune stone:

  1. When crafted - rune stone has generic name "Teleportation Rune Stone"
  2. Holding rune stone in right hand, and right clicking on beacon should trigger "Name rune" window - which will require user's entry.
  3. When the name is entered, the rune becomes attached to the beacon, until the beacon is removed. In this case - rune loses its name or becomes unusable (need to check what is easier to implement)
  4. Holding "RMB" with rune equipped will start teleport countdown based on the material used to craft it:
    1. Coper - 5 seconds
    2. Bronze - 4 seconds
    3. Iron - 3 seconds
    4. Steel - 2 second

Items and Recipes

1. Beacon

Can be crafted out of the following materials: