This hackathon will be using a few different pieces of technology to make the event flow nicely. All communication for teams will be done through Discord. Collaboration activities and project creation will be done on Google Slides. At the beginning of each session, we'll use Zoom as a place to video call and present information about the session. Finally, the Hacker Handbook was created in Notion to allow for a nice reading experience (you're reading it right now!).


Discord will be used as the main means of communication throughout the hackathon sessions. You will be able to use it outside of the scheduled sessions to chat with your team, or others participating in the LI Hackathon.

If you're new to Discord, don't worry! We've set up a walkthrough to get you used to the application. You should also watch the video below by Discord to learn a bit more about the platform.

Below, in the walkthrough section, you can click on any of the pages to see how to go through that process.

Discord Walkthrough

I've Used Discord Before, can I just get the link?

You bet! You can just use the one below. However, feel free to go back through any of the documentation pages above if you need! There might still be some useful information about how the Frayme Hackathon will be using Discord for this event.

Join the Learning Institute Hackathon Discord Server!


Notion is a tool for document creation. It's quite similar to Google Docs, but you can nest pages inside one another, and it has a very clean layout.

If you want to learn more about Notion, you can check out the YouTube video below. Although you won't be editing anything in Notion, you can still see how it works, which might help you in navigating this Hacker Handbook!

Google Slides

For the hackathon, we'll be using Google Slides for multiple activities. This will make it easy to work together with your group, but also save time in the final work session while making your team's presentation. Before the hackathon, make sure you have a Google account set up. This will allow you to edit Google Drive files with the rest of your team.

Overall, Google Slides is quite similar to PowerPoint. However, we'll be using it as a brainstorming tool as well as a presentation method. Below is a video that gives a quick walkthrough of the Google Slides interface. Not all of it is relevant, but it should still give a pretty good overview!