The following page is dedicated to technical resources for the project.

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Traxa MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Download the Android version of the Traxa MVP Version 0.1_6 (September 16, 2021):

(Make sure to Uninstall any previous versions before installing this version)

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MVP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Why do I have to allow 'unknown sources' to run in order to install the app? When prompted, you have to allow 'unknown sources' in Android to allow the APK to install.
  2. What Android permissions are needed for the MVP? You must allow permission to your phones camera and location information.
  3. How is this MVP built? The Traxa MVP is built upon Arweave as the storage layer along with a prototype Android app.
  4. Where are the project files stored? We have most files used in the project stored on a shared Gogle Drive: Detailed specifications for the MVP are located here:
  5. Where are future features and functionality documented? Follow along with us in our sprint board Traxa MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Trello (Agile Sprint) Board:
  6. Where do I give feedback about the Traxa app? Please fill out this feedback form on the Traxa Android MVP at
  7. Why is the Traxa MVP using the Arweave blockchain to store data for the Traxa MVP? The 'permaweb' and 'Profit Sharing Communities' concept within Arweave is the perfect match for Here is a technical explanation from one of our community members as to how Arweave fits with Traxa's MVP:

Sample NFT

Want to see a sample of an NFT from the Traxa MVP? Go to [](

Video of Traxa Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The following is a video from the September 3, 2021 build of Traxa MVP version 0.1_2.

Arweave References