Writing scientific papers is a difficult activities. Conventional wisdom suggests that it is not that easy to learn (and teach) how to write a good research paper, i.e., a paper with a clear statement of the problem being addressed, the proposed solution(s), and results achieved. It must describe clearly what has been done before on the problem, and what is new.

As a PhD student you should not underestimate the challenges that writing a research paper presents.

Not surprisingly, being able to write a good paper starts from the ability to read a paper. This is nice reading by S. Keshav, "How to read a paper". Below a list of useful pointers that might help you in this dauting task.

  1. H. Schulzrinne. Writing Technical Articles

    Writing Systems and Networking Articles

  2. Markus Voelter. Notes on Technical Writing

    Notes on Technical Writing

  3. Donald E. Knuth, Tracy Larrabee, and Paul M. Roberts. Mathematical Writing

  4. Juan de Lara. Scientific Writing

    Scientific writing

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