Technical documentation for VR-Frogger v0.2.

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Frogger-VR is built with Unity and uses the Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) for interacting with VR devices and environments. It also uses the Oculus XR Plugin to interact with the Oculus Quest. Reference documentation for getting MRTK working with Oculus Quest.

All Packages


The Assets/Scenes folder contains the Main Scene and all levels loaded by the Main Scene. The game starts with just Main Scene loaded. Then based on the player's level selection, MainMenu.cs will additively load in the level.

EnvironmentSetup.cs is a helper script that lives on the Game Environment parent object on game levels. It is used to help setup the game and generate streets and a finish line.

User Interface

The UI Manager controls all UI elements across all levels. MainMenu.cs and PauseMenu.cs live on the UI Manager object.

Main Menu

Upon starting the game, MainMenu.cs activates the Calibrate Menu object which upon pressing the calibrate button runs MainMenu.FirstCalibrateHeight() which deactivates Calibrate Menu, and calibrates the player's current height in the JumpDetection.cs script.

The player's height can be recalibrated with the Calibrate Height button on the Main Menu, which runs MainMenu.CalibrateHeight().

The Main Menu object has level selection, which runs LoadLevel(int) on the index of the level selected, and additively loads that level scene to the Main Scene.

The player can also toggle on or off jumping with the trigger button on their Quest controller, for comparing button based movement vs physical jumping.