Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

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This might be the start of something great…

Hi there! 👋 My name is Tiago and I’m the Head of Customer Success at Chameleon.

I wrote this doc in collaboration with PulkitShannon, and others on the team and will be working very closely with you to help enable our customers to succeed using our product!

On the right, you can see me doing one of my favorite hobbies: juggling in special places around the world. In this case, the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.

You’ll be working in a growing Customer Success team that truly cares about helping customers meet their goals and bringing their needs to the table to help give direction to our product.


Why join Chameleon now? 🦎

This is the best time to join Chameleon: you’d be joining a team that has found its groove and is excited about scaling, and a product that has customer love but with tons of potential to transform how SaaS works. Your work will impact 10s of millions of users.

Our customers (read case studies here) find a lot of value in what we offer, and we have a lot of ideas on what else we can build to make UX easier, more engaging, and more personal.

We’re a team of ~25, up from ~5 about 18 months ago; every person has a significant and material impact on our company’s trajectory and culture. We want to hire people who bring their best selves, who learn and iterate quickly, who are humble and looking to grow, and who are friendly and caring.

🌊  Learn more about our team, culture, and vision on our company page.