Makes The Dream Work

Our dream is ambitious – to be the best product design team in the world. And executing that requires different perspectives from different people from different walks of life. Even though we have fun together, we don’t tolerate any kind of disrespectful behavior, discrimination or harassment.


We love slack and all the memes we share in it. We discourage private messaging for project discussions, instead - post them on the project channel for everyone to see. Share a work in progress, and get feedback as early and as often – at the end of the day, we're all here trying to figure things out. So never let your impostor syndrome get in the way of getting better.

Over-communication is better than lacking communication.

We Share The Work

We encourage you to publish your projects anywhere (be it in your personal Dribbble, Behance or Instagram account) as long as you reference Abstract Digital. Also, don't forget to give us the heads up so we can identify if these projects are under NDA.

Break Things And Move Fast

As a tiny product design team - you'll have to wear different hats.

We strive to create process out of ambiguity and clutter, but there is always chaos. The process is only as good as the context of the problem it is solving. You will always have better judgement over whatever the situation you are facing. Do what you believe makes sense.

Our Second Home

The office is our second home as we spend most of our waking hours there. We try to make it as comfortable as possible. From brewing the best coffee, serving healthy food and sitting on comfy chairs - all for a better working experience. We believe that by taking care of these minor things, you can take care of the bigger things at work.