Create teams in your workspace to organize members who regularly work together such as design, engineering, and marketing.

How to divide your workspace in teams

There isn't a hard or fast rule on how to organize your teams. Here are different ways you can:

<aside> ✨ As your team grows or if you decide to organize teams differently, you can easily add teams and move multiple issues at once with Shift Cmd/Ctrl M .


What to consider

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding how to split up teams:

<aside> 👩‍💻 How we work at Linear We started off with a single team called Linear for all work including engineering, design, and marketing. We still work primarily from that team but have added new teams recently–Content and *Recruiting–*which both require different workflows as well as a Feature Request team to keep those separate from work we've committed to building.


Create and edit teams

Your workspace is created with a default team with the same name as the workspace.

To add more teams, go to settings and click Add team in the sidebar. When creating new teams, you'll have the option to copy over settings from an existing team. To edit a team's settings, go to general settings or hover over the team name in the sidebar and select team settings from the more menu (three dots).