<aside> 💡 Notion Tip: Keep your company-wide goals somewhere central so everyone can see how their work connects and how much progress is being made. Here's some example content to get your started:


⭐ Improve customer satisfaction

As a team, we will work to improve our customer satisfaction ratings by 10% within the next quarter. We will do this by implementing new processes, training programs, and customer service initiatives.

👥 Reduce customer churn

As a team, our goal is to reduce our customer churn rate to less than 5% within the next year. We will do this by analyzing customer feedback, improving our onboarding process, and providing proactive customer support to address any issues or concerns.

📈 Increase revenue

Our team's goal is to increase revenue by 25% within the next fiscal year. To achieve this, we will focus on improving our sales process, expanding our customer base, and offering new products and services.